Intelligent Move

An Intelligent move can make big difference.

It turns the game for an inevitable win.

About Us

Velocuz is a Product Technology Company founded in 2017 by four techno functional professionals.

We provide a platform for creative thinking, convert innovative thoughts in to ideas and capitalized it to develop own products that has social and business values.

We believe in simplification, follows Lean thinking and takes customer first approach in our strategies and products.

Our Product innovation cycles takes rapid drifty moves and stabilizes through continuous improvements to take on the market with trust and confidence.

Our Products


This is a Social Networking App for Group Activities, with an in built Productivity feature for Event declaration & Expense Sharing of the Group Activities.


This is a Business Category App for General public, capturing daily Business Reports and consolidating it through charts and dashboards.


This is a Booking App for general public Patients to book Medical Professionals to get their services. This App also provides queueing solution for clinics operations.

Investors Program

Velocuz welcome venture investors to join us to have synergic collaboration and growth together.Our business model is non-linear and scalable with more revenues as soon as the product starts billing.

We practice long term relationships with investors from the pre-seed stage till the life cycle of the product.Join with us for the Game Changer ideas and let’s together do the Intelligent Move!


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